Sustainability at Lunya

At Lunya, quality time spent in exceptionally-made, long-lasting pieces crafted more sustainably is what drives us. That, and sleep.

Each piece we create is the product of years of designing, sourcing, and producing with only the highest-quality materials and like-minded production partners. We’ve taken action to use more responsible fabrics, including organic and natural fibers, and environmentally-conscious processes that are also better for you and kinder to Mother Earth.


Our journey to becoming a more responsible brand.

We are dedicated to rest at Lunya and take every stride possible to make our products in a way that allows you, Mother Earth, and future generations to rest just a little bit easier. It’s a process of progress rather than perfection — to us, being sustainable is about taking responsible and ethical action to better care for the planet and its people. And we are committed to sharing the steps being taken towards lessening our environmental impact and what’s best for our employees, workers, you, and the world around us.

Collective Impact

The impact of what we wear and textile production.

The apparel industry alone creates 1.2 billion tons of greenhouse gas emissions annually. Another major contributor to emissions is overproduction with nearly 25.5 billion pounds of reusable textiles thrown away each year (70 pounds per person).

In recognizing our impact, we prioritize using responsible, organic and natural fibers that not only feel great on your skin, but are better for the environment. Natural fibers release 2-3x fewer emissions — so you can feel good about looking good.

In addition to our careful fabric selection, we have taken action to ensure that all chemicals used in the production process meet strict toxicity and biodegradability criteria. No toxic ex’s, no toxic fabrics. We are also making strides to minimize production quantities with demand-oriented ordering to eliminate unnecessary waste and unnecessary production.

Our Commitment & Progress

We want you to feel good about your investment with Lunya. As important as it is to make progress, we feel it’s equally important to keep you informed as we reach our goals.

Our sustainability goals

Trust us when we say our sustainability goals are as ambitious as waking up before the alarm.

Conscious Sourcing

Commitment to natural, organic, and recycled fibers

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Clean Production

Clean chemistry & less water

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Care for People

Safe and fair working conditions

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Commitment to the Planet

Lessening our carbon footprint

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Conscious Sourcing

Better, more sustainable materials.

Ever wonder why you sleep so soundly in Lunya? It’s probably thanks to our materials.
We thoroughly research and vet our raw materials to make sure they meet our high standards, are good for you, and better for the environment.

We use mostly natural materials, which break down better and are less of a pollutant than the synthetic fibers that are being found in our oceans and water supplies.

We also use Forest Stewardship Council® certified paper for our catalog mailings.


100% Environmentally preferred fibers by 2023

Clean Production

Clean chemistry and less water.

We like our fabric quality like we like our sleep quality: premium. We source and manufacture our apparel all over the world weighing factors like where we can find the highest quality fabrics and factories that can produce garments to the standards our customers expect. We choose countries that are best-in-class at producing the desired raw material over less expensive labor.

We seek production partners that adhere to strict environmental regulations, in addition to using renewable energy, repurposing by products and recycling and using less water. The more we grow, and as our manufacturing quantities increase, this will continue to be a priority for us.


100% sourcing from OEKO-TEX and bluesign-certified facilities across all fabrics by 2025

Care for People

Safe and fair working conditions for all.

We are responsible for ensuring safe and fair working conditions, so we make it a priority to partner with world-class manufacturers that are committed to fair and equitable practices.

We also care deeply about ensuring diversity, equity and inclusion in the workplace and have implemented unconscious bias workshops to educate and to remove bias from our team members. We are committed to building teams that are reflective of a range of backgrounds, perspectives and experiences at every level.


50% production partners Fair Trade Certified by 2023 and 100 percent by 2026

Commitment to the Planet

Lessening our carbon footprint.

Sleep soundly knowing we’re meticulous about our fabric and supplier choices and highly consider factors like environmental regulations, renewable energy, repurposed by products, ways to use less or recycled water, and GHG emissions.

And we’re doing our part to be just as considerate when it comes to our headquarters and distribution center practices, packaging and shipping materials. We’re in the process of reducing the volume of materials in our orders and introducing the use of 100% recycled content, FSC-Certified Paper, recyclable and reusable materials, whenever possible. More zzz’s, less waste.

We are transitioning our packaging to new, more environmentally-conscious options, so you while you still might receive some pre-recycled materials in circulation, know that we aim to achieve 100% recycled or reusable packaging by 2022. Love that for us.


100% recycled or reusable packaging by 2022 and no new plastics across our supply chain by 2024

Our Fabrics

You have high standards. So do we.

Some of our material certifications:

BLUESIGN® system

The bluesign® SYSTEM analyzes the complex journey from raw materials to final product. At each stage of the manufacturing process, bluesign® ensures the responsible use of materials, chemicals, dye and wash processes, and more to ensure the lowest possible impact on people and the environment. Minimal impact, maximum luxury.

OEKO-TEX® Standard 100

Similar to Bluesign, Oekotex also checks for the presence of hazardous chemicals in the dyed fabric, testing for both regulated and non-regulated harmful substance in accordance to the European REACH standards. Buh-bye nasties.

Cozy Wool

Between remembering to drink your water and stretch, you have enough to worry about. Let us take ‘allergens’ off your list. Our chunky merino wool is soft to the touch and for the most sensitive among us it's hypoallergenic. It’s also OEKO-TEX® 100 Certified, which means that it has been tested for both regulated and non-regulated harmful substances.


Cozy Cotton Silk

Our now traceable, sustainable organic cotton is grown from organic seeds that have not been genetically modified. And it's also grown without any chemical pesticides or fertilizers, which is better for you and the planet.

60% of the water used at our yarn supplier's dyehouses are recycled back into the production process and all chemicals used must meet strict toxicity and biodegradability criteria.


Soft Modal

Soft Modal, made with Lenzing Modal® is one of the most sustainable fibers in the textile industry and is made from natural beechwood trees, a replenishable material. It's also CO2-neutral since it's processed with unique resource-conserving technologies and our modal is one of the most sustainable modals, using FSC-certified forest products. Because we love the planet as much as we love a good night’s sleep.


Organic Pima Cotton

We know our Organic Pima Cotton has your stamp of approval. Our sustainable, organic Pima was fairly milled without any harmful pesticides, less water, and socially responsible. Check, check, and big check.


Restore Pima

Our Restore Pima collection is made with a proprietary mix of fabrics, including sustainably made Organic Pima and Lenzing Modal®. It’s also certifiably nap-approved.


Washable Silk

We love a pop of color. But only when done right. 100% of our washable silk uses bluesign®-approved dyes, because they are safer for our dyehouse workers, the planet and you. Sleep soundly knowing there’s zero bad stuff.


Want to see more of what’s between the sheets?

Read more about our fabric collections HERE.

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